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This is a 28 video course that will take your hands and show you the way to your own pot of Gold on the internet! You will find comprehensive training and money-making ideas such as;

– Learn the lucrative skill of creating at least 1 information product every month (Imagine selling 12 information products and they all bring in at least ₦5,000 per day? How much will you have in the bank at the end of 30 days?)

-The step by step process for taking an idea from your mind and turning it into a money-printing product within 7 days or even less!

– How to take advantage of simple software that allows you to create valuable step by step tutorial videos by showing your buyers the computer screen as if they are there in person! ( In case you didn’t know, Videos tutorials are now the hottest information products on the market)

– A video tutorial which will show you how to create the sales letters that will sell your information products like hot cakes! And lots more.

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